26 March 2017 - FACTS ABOUT BEARS


G'day folks,

Here are some facts about some big animals that roam the world. Like human children, bear cubs are extremely playful; and just like human mothers, if things get too rough, mother bears will make them stop to protect them from hurting themselves.

Amazing Facts About the Bear
  • Bears are extraordinarily intelligent animals. They have far superior navigation skills to humans; excellent memories; large brain to body ratio; and use tools in various contexts from play to hunting.
  • Bears care deeply about family members. They will risk their lives and even fight to the death in order to save a cub or sibling from danger.
  • Bears grieve deeply for others. Cubs are known to moan and cry when separated from their mothers.  This can go on for weeks if their mothers are killed by hunters.
  • Bears have excellent senses of smell, sight and hearing. They can smell food, cubs, a mate or predators from miles away. Their great eyesight allows them to detect when fruits are ripe.
  • Some species of Asiatic bear build nests in the trees. They can use these for hiding, eating and even sleeping.
  • Bears were often honoured in the cultures of many early civilisations. They were seen as a symbol of power, strength and love.
  • Vikings and the Celts have many legends about the strength, protectiveness and prowess of bears.
  • The bear is a common national personification for Russia (and the former USSR) and Germany. The brown bear is Finland’s national animal.

Clancy's comment: Almost too hard to bear, eh?

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25 March 2017 - BENNETT ARRON - Guest Comedian & Author

- Guest Comedian & Author -

G'day folks,

I'm pleased to introduce a multi-talented character who is an author and a comedian. This is my interview and, as you read his answers, you will gather that he is a comic.

Welcome, Bennett ...

1.   Tell us about you and what you do.
I’m an award-winning writer, comedian, author and ‘expert’ on the subject of Identity Theft!

2.   What was the happiest moment of your life?
The days my children were born

3.   What was the saddest moment?
I’m assuming it’s yet to happen

4.   What surprised you most?
Question 3

5.   What was your greatest disappointment?
Not sure if it’s my greatest, but I wrote episodes of a children’s sitcom for a French Producer and Broadcaster. Even though they were shown on television I was never paid….

6.   Who did you misjudge? Why?
See above.

7.   What or who was your biggest challenge?

8.   What has been your biggest regret?
I don’t have regrets. Unfortunately.

9.   What would be your dying comment? Why?
“Why are you holding that gun?”

10.               Who or what stunned you the most?
My children.

11.               What would you like written on your tombstone? Why?
Best Before… (then that day’s date)

12.               Who would you rather have not met? Why?
The person who commissioned by documentary on Identity Theft

13.               Who were you most envious of? Why?
I’m not the envious type. And I’m jealous of those who are.

14.               Who did you forgive – for doing something you never thought you’d forgive?
I NEVER forgive….

15.               What was your greatest moment in your life?
Having my children.

16.               What is your greatest achievement?
My children

17.               What personal traits would you like to have in your next life?
The ability to teleport

18.               What advice would you give to world leaders?
Stop being silly.

19.               What advice would you give to parents today?
Do NOT allow your children to run around screaming. Especially in cafes when I am writing. It’s not ‘normal’.

20.               Who would you choose to be stuck on a desert island with?
Olivia Newton John

21.               Have any heroes? Why? Who?
My Dad. He is one of the greatest people in the world.

22.               What are the greatest legacies you will leave behind?
My children (this is becoming a theme…)

23.               What’s lacking in the world today?
More of me on television.

24.               Any pearls of wisdom for the rest of us?
Read my books

25.               What would be the last sentence you ever write?
I have no idea. Unless that was it….

26.               What inspired you most?
My teachers. Especially the ones who taught English and Drama.

27.               Who or what made you laugh the most?
My Dad. My brother. My children.

28.               What would be your top three chosen careers in your next life?
Writer, Comedian and anything that actually makes money….

29.               What is your prime focus in life today?
Trying to set my children up well for the future.

30.               Do you have any fear of doing something wrong?
I have EVERY fear of doing something wrong.

31.               If or when you reflect on your past, can you identify any world events that you believe had a significant impact on you?
Although I wasn’t alive at the time, The Holocaust has had a profound effect on my life.

32.               Do you think one can live a purposeful life without knowing the meaning of life?
We all do.

33.                From your perspective - what is the way forward for the world? 
Let me be the leader.

34.               Imagine that you were given a chance to live again, what will you do first and what will you do differently?
I would not mess up my chances with the girl in my class who looked like Olivia Newton John. Although I probably would….

35.                Do you have a bucket list? Tell us more.
Yes. I need one yellow bucket and one red one and then I’ll have them all.

36.               Any great claims to fame?
Anthony Hopkins used to light the fire for my grandparents.

37.               Anything you’d like to add?

Clancy's comment: Thanks, Bennett. I will let Olivia Newton John know of your plans. Keep punching.

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24 March 2017 - GEORGE CLINTON - FUNK

- FUNK -

G'day folks,

 George Clinton is an American singer, songwriter, bandleader, and record producer. He was the principal architect of P-Funk and the mastermind of the bands Parliament and Funkadelic during the 1970s and early 1980s.

 Though Clinton was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina, he truly began his musical development when his family moved to Central Jersey. This was where Clinton formed the Parliaments in the early ‘60s. Performing out of the back of his Plainfield Barbershop, the Parliaments dabbled mostly in Motown and doo-wop fare, hinting in no way at the radical path that would make George Clinton the Godfather of Funk.

In 1969, the Parliaments disbanded, leaving the name under record company ownership. It was at this point that Clinton was presumably abducted by aliens, intravenously fed LSD, and returned to Earth in rainbow dreadlocks and a diaper. Naturally, these factors would make Clinton the preeminent influence (alongside James Brown, of course) on the future history of funk, rap, hip hop, and rock.

Over the course of the ’70s, Clinton presided over not one but two units, each of which helped to define funk at its most schizophrenic. Funkadelic’s gritty psychedelic soul served as a blueprint both for the conceptual approach to record-making and the sharp-tongued street journalism that would eventually shape hip hop at its most innovative. If Funkadelic’s legacy wasn’t enough on its own, Clinton began to also focus his attention on Parliament in the mid-‘70s. 

Even as Funkadelic was writing the book on psychedelic soul, Parliament set the mold for grimy, horn-heavy funk. Taken together, Parliament-Funkadelic created a mind-blowing live experience in which as many as 50 musicians might crowd the stage with glorious color and noise.

With 1978’s Funkadelic release, One Nation Under a Groove, Clinton achieved a masterpiece of confluence, the moment of greatest mainstream visibility for Funkadelic and the record on which all the moving parts in the Clinton kingdom came together. One Nation emerged on the back side of the funk movement, the front side of disco, and as a prelude to hip hop. This is Clinton’s greatest commercial and political manifesto, calling for global unity around the impulse to boogie. Clinton solidified his status as a patron saint of hip hop through his much-celebrated early ‘90s collaborations with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Both cite Clinton as a seminal influence.

Today, Clinton continues to tour off and on with various members of his P-Funk All-Stars and is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Clancy's comment: Another of the many characters in the music business.

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